Bowling Ball
Bowling Ball
Because my specialty is the mental side of bowling,

I don't know why any bowler would ask me about a bowling ball but they do all the time.
Here is my answer.
The most important bowling ball that you can ever spend your time and money on is that bowling ball between your ears. Its the bowling ball that I call your BRAIN. Because It is this bowling ball that decides what happens with  the  one in your hand.  So it does not matter if you are throwing a Storm or an Elite bowling ball or a brunswick, Ebonite or even a house ball...  Just pick one that's affordable and that you like

Because every bowling ball is
controlled by your mind.

I have seen people pick up a house ball after using my hypnosis CD and bowl better than normal because they are totally focused and in the zone.
So don't worry too much about  the ball that you bowl with just pick one that you like and bowl with it and for best result spend your time working on that bowling ball between your ears because it will really pay off and I promise that you will see your bowling quickly improve.
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