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Unusual Subliminal CDs Will Help YOU
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Be More Focused And Confident Than Ever
  Before You Arrive At The Lanes, And Get All The Results In Your Game That You Want In 1/2 The Time

  Dear Fellow Bowler,
    This letter is about my brand new BOWLING SUBLIMINAL ADVANTAGE CDs  or mp3 downloads and what they will do for YOU!

       The fastest way to improve your bowling is to work on your mental game by using my hypnosis CDS mp3 downloads while you sleep.   
    Now if you have any of my subliminal advantage results booster CDs you have obviously  discovered how to improve upon that even more by listening to them while you are awake as well.

   Iím releasing to the general bowling public 5 totally NEW and Improved bowling results booster subliminal advantage CDs. These amazing new CDS mp3 downloads come with completely new music and new and improved powerful words and affirmations that  will help you  take your bowling to the next level and bowl at your best.

Let me explain how they work and why you should get them.  

    As you know, the hypnosis CDs  that you already have  require that you listen while you are sleeping.  They  also require that you close your eyes and go into hypnosis. This is great, this is powerful, and we both know that it works in getting you more focused, and more confident and bowling better than ever!


    What is even better is that

The subliminal advantage bowling CDs or mp3 downloads help you  progress even further and give you an even greater advantage because you can listen to them while you are awake!  You can listen to them while you are driving to the bowling alley, working, reading, eating,  playing on your computer,  exercising or even while bowling!

When you listen to subliminal CDs  mp3 downloads during your waking hours to reinforce the hypnosis program that you listen to while you are sleeping, they work like MAGIC and  make you an unstoppable force in bowling.

Here is how and why it works so quickly and easily.

    Just below the surface of your thoughts is a powerful collection of subconscious mindsets that are controlling everything you think, feel, say and do. These mindsets are responsible for every outcome that you experience, good and bad. 

    When you use hypnosis, you erase any negative mindsets, thoughts, feelings and beliefs etc that are holding you back and,  reprogram yourself with empowering ones that support you.  When you use my subliminal CDs you do the same.

The difference is that the subliminal advantage CDs or mp3 downloads are used while you are awake and they serve as reinforcement for the  hypnosis CDs.

What happens is that with the subliminal advantage CDs or mp3 downloads  all of the words, suggestions, and commands that will make you a better more focused, relaxed, more confident bowler with a FREE armswing who rolls great shots more consistently and strings strike after strike after strike!!! - are all embedded into the music. When you listen to them, you wonít consciously notice the words, however your brain will because, due to a special recording process, these ultra powerful words are only heard at the subconscious level. 

But WHAT Exactly IS subliminal messaging?

    The subliminal messages on your CDs are positive affirmations  for being a more focused, more confident, relaxed and mentally tough, better bowler with a  laser like focus, free armswing and champions mindset. Because of a special recording process, they  are sent DIRECTLY to your  subconscious mind, bypassing your more critical thinking conscious mind. YOUR subconscious then follows these commands to produce POWERFUL and EXCITING improvements in your bowling.
    These  NEW CDs and mp3 downloads also have 30-40 minutes of some of the most beautiful, relaxing, peaceful guitar and piano I have ever heard.  They were produced in a state of the art recording studio by wonderfully talented musicians.   If you are wondering what these sound like I would say they sound like beautiful relaxing, peaceful and tranquil Smooth Jazz meets New Age Windham Hill type music with beautiful acoustic guitars and piano music.

    Why Iím Releasing  5 New Subliminal At The Same Time.

       Over the years I have had wonderful feedback from my bowlers about the subliminal CDís but the challenge with them is that just like with all music CDs and downloads , bowlers get bored with the music and stop listening to them.

    Thatís why Iím releasing 5 at the same time so that you can rotate them. This way you wonít ever get bored. Also because the music is soft, peaceful, easy listening type music, you can listen to them  turned down low as if they are background music. Meanwhile you get the same powerful benefit and effect on your game.

    I know that you are really going to enjoy  them tremendously and that you will see your bowling soar to new heights!

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By the way, this CD comes to you completely 100% RISK FREE with a FULL UNCONDITIONAL
If you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever.   If you ever feel the subliminal advantage CDS have not helped you become a more confident, focused, relaxed bowler who shoots more consistent shots and knocks down more pins.  If you donít like the music.  If the CDs ever breaks, skip, get scratched, WHATEVER the reason you may return them ANY TIME EVER!   And receive a 100% refund (minus $5.00 for shipping and handling), no hassles and no questions asked! I treat others, as I like to be treated!

Kindest Regards,
Chris Cady





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