Bowling Techniques
Bowling Techniques
If you are looking for some unusual bowling techniques
the techniques that you will learn here are all mental.
While some coaches focus on footwork and others focus on  armswing
and others like to discuss certain bowling techniques for  boards, or dealing with certain oil patterns. The only bowling techniques that I work on are all mental.   I do sports psychology for bowlers.
My bowling techniques are  for focus, confidence, mental toughness, breathing, staying focused etc...
The number one bowling technique that I can suggest is that you completely relax your mind and body and close your eyes and pretend that you are watching a movie of yourself bowling in slow motion and doing the exact moves that you know that you should be doing and then getting the exact result that you desire.  This technique alone will improve your game increase your score.
Another technique is to   video tape yourself bowling both in practice and in competition and then watch back your tape  AFTER you go home and see what you do differently  both before, while you are bowling and while you are waiting to bowl.