Bowling Tournament
Warning Bowlers

Do not enter the USBC Open Tournament in Reno, Baton Rouge
or any other bowling tournament until you READ THIS!

Dear Tournament Bowler,

If you are even thinking about competing in the USBC Open Championships at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno or in Las Vegas or in any bowling tournament ...

IF you want to win your next tournament... reading this bowling information  is a must. Unless you are just going to the tournament just to mess around.

If you bowl in competition and you want to know the secret to great bowling that results in winning. Then you must read this.

I'm going to reveal to you the secrets that pro bowlers and serious tournament bowlers use that allows them to win, win , win!

The big secret is that while most advanced bowlers practice, practice, practice  and master the physical side of bowling...

The pro and serious tournament bowlers practice and master  the MENTAL GAME of BOWLING!   

You sometimes hear this referred to as sports psychology but it really goes far beyond that.

You've heard plenty that success in bowling or any sport

is 90% mental and 10% physical.

But I'd bet you've never really understood what that meant.

What this means is that they use deep breathing, visualization, hypnosis to improve their self talk so that it is positive. They use visualization so that they see themselves  bowling masterfully on every shot regardless of the  type of shot or lane conditions, they boost their self confidence to such a high level it does not matter who else is in the room.

This is why when you watch guys like Norm Duke and Chris Barnes and Walter Ray and Parker you don't see a lot of emotion when things are not going wonderfully.  These guys have basically programmed themselves to believe that they have already bowled a strike or they they will convert their spare. They think this way automatically because they  have already worked on their mental game and they "saw" this already long before they came to the bowling tournament.