Bowling Coach

If you are a bowler who is  looking for a bowling coach, there is something that you need to know about me.

I only coach the MENTAL SIDE OF BOWLING. Yes really, I do what some folks refer to as sports psychology or sports hypnotherapy

I do not work on the physical side of bowling at all. 

I only work on  the mental side of bowling using  hypnosis and other mind training techniques for bowling. That is it.

This is where the power and leverage is in all sports.

So if you want hypnosis and mental toughness, and mental training  to help you as a bowler, I might be the coach for you. If you want to work on your physical side of bowling.  I'm not the coach for you. Please do not ask me to  recommend a bowling coach because I wont. My advice is that you  find a local bowling coach who you are comfortable around because if you are not comfortable with them I don't care  who they are or how much they know about bowling. It will be a bad fit and a waste of your time and money. Even a poorly skilled bowling coach who makes you feel comfortable is better then a famous PBA pro coach who makes you uncomfortable and who you don't "jell with."

Working with me as a Mental Game Training Bowling Coach.

Most of my clients are pros and serious tournament bowlers.

I work with adults of all skill levels and some high school age youth bowlers as well.  I do not work with young children.  I work in very unusual ways  both by phone and in person.   You can read all about it on the home page of this web site.

My rate outside of Nevada is a daily rate which varies based on your needs plus   first class air, hotel and car.

The rate will be around $5,000 per day.

Only contact me if you want to make an appointment or to purchase one of my  bowling programs.

If you think my prices are too much to pay for great scores then please do not call me.

If you are a bowling coach and you are offended by how much I charge to help bowlers and you feel a need to "vent" please do not call  or write to me.  It seems that every month some bowling coach feels a need  to call or write to me to  tell me how they can only get $20.00 a lesson and that my rates are audacious.
You can charge whatever you want. So can I.

Whatever you decide to do. Selecting a bowling coach who "speaks your language" and you feel comfortable with will help you make giant leaps in your bowling very quickly.