Bowling Pin
Bowling Pin

Many bowlers seem to have a problem with a  certain bowling pin.
For most its the 10 pin
for some its the 9 or the ( fill in your own pin here) .

Bowlers ask me things to do with a certain bowling pin  all the time.

My answer is always the same.  Instead of focusing on what you don't want
by saying things to yourself like, " I hope I don't leave the _ pin." 
Instead tell yourself " This time I will knock over all the pins including the _ pin."

Then visualize it happening as if you are watching a video of yourself bowling and knocking over all the pins in slow motion.

Visualization helps.  But attaching  FEELING and feeling  that you are getting the results that you want  helps even more. As does positive self talk.  

Soon you will stop leaving whatever bowling pin you have a problem with.

Do it and notice the difference.

This is  just scratching the surface on what training the mental game of bowling will do for you.