Bowling Questions
Bowling Questions

As I receive more of your questions about bowling
especially about mental game and mental toughness for bowling questions
I will post them here.

Please feel free to email me with your bowling questions but only as they pertain to the mental game of bowling because I don't  discuss bowling equipment. To me the most important part of bowling is
the mental side.

Here are a few of the most common questions that I get about bowling:

"I am 65 years old and bowled for 20 years in my youth and I am returning to bowling  after a multi year hiatus and am frustrated that the game has changed. What do I do?"

Here is my answer:

Get a coach and pretend that you are starting from scratch because the game has changed. Also be more patient with yourself because your body has changed.  Also use my  mental training CD and use hypnosis and visualization because this will help  keep you calm and focused.  Also be sure to stretch.

Remember your body needs is going to be moving in ways in has not moved in a long time. A doc or physical therapist may be able to help you with some specific exercises.

"How do I stay focused and keep from getting frustrated because I see kids getting scores that took me 10 years to get?"

See above and relax and just enjoy yourself. Bowling has changed.