Bowling Score
Bowling Score

Most bowlers are obsessed with their score.

90% of Your Bowling Score Is Determined By
What’s In Your Head.

If you find yourself constantly looking at your score and you find it a source of frustration. I say forget your score.  Bowling is played one frame at a time.  Looking at your  score  creates pressure in your brain which  results in  tightness in your body.  All of the little  nerves and muscles  tighten up instead of relax and it does not  help you get what you want.

If your score has been lousy just let go of thinking about it and only  think about the hear and now.  Look at the floor, turn your back stare into your bowling bag, close your eyes if you have to. Cover the monitor if the other bowlers don't mind.Then look over your score after you are done bowling, THEN Notice what happens with your bowling score.
It will get better not worse.