Bowling Shoes
Bowling Shoes
And their importance in the mental game of bowling.
Can bowling shoes really help you become a better bowler?
The Answer May Surprise YOU!

   Bowlers, whenever you work on the mental side of bowling (bowling psychology). Be sure to have your bowling shoes on or (if you are in bed) at least near by. You should also have your bowling bag near by and  have it open. You should also have your bowling shirt on.This will sound odd but all of the odors of bowling  from the oils and such will stimulate your senses and having your bowling shirt and bowling shoes on will make you feel complete as if you have the total bowling uniform on and you are mentally and physically ready. The way you do when you are at bowling the lanes. 

This will all help you with the visualization process and support your positive identity as a BOWLER. The more that you feel like a bowler when you are using visualization and hypnosis the more improvement you will get.