Bowling Strikes
Bowling Strikes!

So you wanna bowl strikes?

Well amigo you came to the right bowling site because
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The problem with most bowlers who wanna bowl more strikes is that they  get intense and aggressive about it both mentally and physically and so  if and when they don't get a strike, they get very frustrated and instead of  being happy that they got whatever pinfall they achieved, they focus on what they did not get. And as a result, negative  thinking and tension enters the mind and body which results in more missed shots.

One of the keys to bowling strikes is to 100% focus on what you want. Visualize it, mentally rehearse the shot, feel happy and relaxed about it ( you may even feel as if you are making this up) and then JUST DO IT!

This technique helps any bowler immediately bowl more strikes because your mind is like a giant computer and your body is  like a robot and all the robot does is respond to the  program given to it by the  computer.  So if the "computer" gets its input in the form of  "seeing" and "feeling"  it will  send those messages to to "robot"  which in this case is the bowler and the bowlers   body will AUTOMATICALLY  react in a way that  makes all of the fluid motions and "micro motions" that result in  the bowling ball hitting its mark and ultimately the pocket which results in  STRIKES.   

However when the "computer" is  FOCUSED on thoughts of what the "computer"   (which in this case is a bowler,  ) DOES NOT WANT  ( such as, thoughts, feelings and words silently said such as "I dont want to  miss my  mark."  " "Dont screw this up" " I dont want to leave a 10 pin" " I dont want a split"   "I dont want the bowling ball to go into the gutter"  the "computer"   believes that this is also desired input and the "robot"  follows out this command and ultimately the bowling ball goes to the undesired location even in a minute way. Which of course does not result in bowling  a strike.

Not sure if you believe me?    Next time you are practicing your bowling try it both ways
and notice the difference in your bowling.