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Everything you need to know in-order to make a decision on improving your bowling "in a clutch"  is on the 2 short videos below. Or if you prefer  just read the transcription down below.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not a video expert  and there is a bit of a glitch on the video above so when you hear me say, "We are going to pause for a second,"  This is the end of video # 1. Just go on to the 2nd video.
Bowling Tournament Dominator Video Part 2

My name is Chris Cady and I’m a Peak Performance Hypnotherapist who  works on the “mental game of sports” And today I’m here to help you improve your bowling in "clutch" aka pressure situations.

Last night I was down at the national bowling stadium here in Reno and I was working with a bowling client and  I wanted to film this video there right in the bowling stadium but it was so loud that all we could hear was the sounds of bowling pins crashing so tonight I’m filming this from  home because I want you to actually be able to hear me.


This video is intended  only for bowlers who already  have  one of my other bowling mental game conditioning programs because if you have that then you already have the good foundation that you need  in order for this new program to work for you so if  you found this video and you have never used my program called. "The Ultimate More Strikes and Spares Super Mental Toughness For Bowling CD or Mp3 Download.” Then you really need to go and get that one first.

Ok now

I emailed you the other day because over the last year or so I have had many bowling clients  who are serious tournament bowlers that  still  have a particularly tough time in  high pressure  clutch situations.   Frequently it’s when they are in a  giant place like the National Bowling Stadium or they are bowling in Vegas or in certain bowling houses where  they are  out of their natural element and there’s a lot of competition and additional pressure or there's a lot of money on the line or  they are in the last frame or about to bowl a 300 or a 900 and they discover that they suddenly have  an audience and they feel overwhelmed by the pressure and they get hit by a tidal wave of tension and fear and they need extra help.  So I started working on special techniques that  bowlers can use when they are in HIGH PRESSURE "CLUTCH" situations that will help them relax, focus,  feel 110% CONFIDENT that things WILL work out for them and  get themselves into the zone.
And then a neat thing happened…

You may or may not be aware that  I work with a variety of  athletes including  major league baseball players and I often adapt certain techniques from one sport and use them in a completely different sport and as a result my clients get incredible improvements in their game.

So here's what happened...

A while ago a friend of mine who may or may not also be an old client of mine  who is  a very famous retired major league baseball player started working  on a book and CD program with me that is on the “mental game of baseball”  (This  baseball player will  remain nameless until the book is ready to be released.) What's important right now is that he played on a team that won a World Series and he was known for being a “clutch player” which means that he performed very well under high pressure situations where other  equally physically talented players would "choke" or   fall apart. 

This baseball player always felt that  the mental game is responsible for 90% of the success in any sport so he always devoted a lot of time to "mental game training" using hypnosis and visualization  both on and off the field, while in his hotel, while on the bus or the plane, while driving to home games, while in the locker room and especially before and  during  batting practice - he had  mental techniques that he did that no one ever knew about and that he felt made a giant difference in his results at bat.  In fact he reminded me that he hit 17 home runs one season using these techniques and  he helped win a World Series as a result of this type of training.
So anyway even though there is no defense in bowling the way there is in basebalI, it does not matter, I   basically sat down and figured out how to take the same  mental game techniques that he used in high pressure baseball games such as the World Series and I adjusted them so that they would work  for  bowlers.

These are very effective techniques which allow you to mentally  “flip a switch” and "flip off"  the added pressure that usually causes people to choke and  instead acts as FUEL and it helps you FOCUS and  stay in the zone.
And the results of this have been very exceptional
Once you learn these very  easy techniques you will have a major advantage over other bowlers because in clutch situations  while your competitors are nervous,  intimidated, fearful or struggling to find the shot... The  mental game training that you will use  will keep YOU confident, focused, and relaxed.  It You’ll be able to quickly adjust to the lane conditions and the challenging environment of a tournament. It will also keep your emotional and physical energy level high and positive during your tournament. Because you are tapping into your very powerful mental reserves.
This program comes to you on a 2 CD set that I’m calling
The Bowling Tournament Dominator
It’s a 2 CD set.
The first CD ( or Mp3 if you chose the download option)  is a hypnosis program that you listen to at bedtime while you sleep or if you are a nap taker you can listen to at nap time and even a few hours before you bowl. It basically takes your current program to a whole new level especially when you are in "a clutch" and there is  enormous pressure to succeed. The second CD is a subliminal CD that comes with very  relaxing piano and guitar music that you can listen to while in your car or while doing other things.  It basically  reinforces all of the hypnotic suggestions for FOCUS, CONFIDENCE AND RELAXATION AND playing in the zone and everything else that you did with your subconscious mind while you were sleeping.  You can even listen dub it onto an Ipod  to it  while bowling if you choose to. There are also instructions for  mental game drills  using visualization that you can do at home and at the lanes when you are practicing by yourself or playing with your league.

     This program comes with a  ZERO RISK,
You see, whenever we do business, I take all the risk NOT YOU!
If at anytime ever or for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER you are not happy with it.  If you don’t start shooting new high scores immediately, or if you feel that you are not more focused, more confident  and more relaxed IN HIGH PRESSURE CLUTCH SITUATIONS & bowling more strikes, converting more spares, winning more money, winning tournaments & leaving your competitors in the gutter…
You can send it back for a 100%  FULL REFUND minus  shipping & handling & your money will be cheerfully refunded the very same day.  No hassles, no weasel clauses & no questions asked. Because whenever we do business, I take all the risk not you.  All I ask is that you order this bowling program with good faith and good intent.  ( Note: There are no refunds with  MP3 downloads since  you can't return a download.
So because there is absolutely no risk to you at all, why not do yourself a big favor & reserve
your copy now.


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