How To Bowl
How To Bowl
On this page you will find some very unusual bowling tips normally reserved for serious tournament bowlers and PBA Pros revealed.
It does not matter if
If you are looking for information on how to bowl and you are completely new to the sport of bowling or if you have been bowling for a while and you found your way here looking for a bowling tip that might help out your game. This site will reveal unusual bowling tips on how to bowl better very quickly.

People of all ages who are new to bowling and looking for beginning how to bowl information usually spend a lot of time getting frustrated because there is a lot to learn involving coordination, timing, release and footwork.
Many people at the bowling alley will happily offer you tips and advice that contradicts each other.  You may also read various "How To Bowl" books and magazines and then have trouble transferring that information to the lanes. Plus most of your time and money is probably being spent on technique and gear.
What's really important when learning how to bowl is that
you work on the mental aspect of the game as well. Even in the very beginning when learning how to bowl. By using hypnosis, breathing and visualization to help you  stay calm, and focused...talking positively to yourself so that you can keep a positive mental attitude and keep from getting frustrated while you are learning how to bowl.

Remember, your mind controls your body so its important to work on the mental side of bowling.  It will really pay off and I promise that you will see your bowling quickly improve.  (To learn more about using hypnosis to improve your bowling see my home page.) meanwhile here are some more

Bowling better is really not that hard.
You don't need to be in shape. (Bowling is the only sport  where its ok to smoke cigarettes, eat a hot dog and drink a beer while you are playing the sport.)

You don't need to be young. (Many bowlers are seniors)
You don't need to be an adult (many bowlers are youths)
You don't need a natural talent.
You just need to do what I tell you below because

Online you will find all sorts of bowling tips about how to bowl better.
Most will involve various balls and gizmos and then angles and how to play boards etc.  They will help you bowl better  but regardless of all of the bowling accessories available here is what it really comes down to.

You just need to  PRACTICE
1) Mentally, because the mind controls the body.
2) Physically so that your new mental thoughts control your body to automatically take the newly desired actions.  ( work on footwork, timing , release.) Do this first without a ball in your hand so you can do it without any weight throwing you off balance. Videotape yourself doing this.
3)Now because you came here looking for bowling tips on
HOW TO BOWL BETTER  if you want to bowl better very quickly there are a few things you  should do

the first one is to use vizualization and visualize the outcome that you want instead of thinking about  what you do not want. For example don't focus on   thinking things like "I dont want to leave a 10 pin"
Instead focus on what you do want to happen.

Many bowlers have added  several pins immediately  by doing this.

Next breathe. Take 3 long slow deep breaths before you bowl.

IF you are actually bowling to WIN and not just mess around you really need to work on your mental game
these are  the bowling tips  pro bowlers and megabucks tournament bowlers use that allows them to bowl better and win, bowling match after bowling match and bowling tournament after tournament.

The biggest how to  bowling tip...  the big bowling secret of top PBA and tournament bowlers is that while you’ve been spending all of your time and money  only practicing the physical side of bowling. THEY have also practiced and mastered the MENTAL game of bowling!