Online Bowling Tips
Online bowling tips the bowlers will love

This page is going to be updated as time allows with  weekly bowling tips that you can use quite easily.

Bowling Tip # 1:    Before bowling: Always use visualization and get a clear picture, image and feeling in your mind and body of the result that you WANT  with your bowling.

Bowling Tip # 2:   Before and while bowling: Use deep breathing to keep yourself calm and relaxed while bowling.

Bowling Tip # 3: Whenever bowling or even thinking about bowling have a positive mental attitude about bowling and about yourself as a bowler.

Bowling Tip # 4:  Realize that your bowling score is a reflection of what is happening with that bowling ball that is on top of your shoulders.

Bowling Tip # 5: Bowl one frame at a time.

Bowling Tip # 6: Let go of bad shots. If you roll a bad shot inhale and exhale and just let go of  the "energy" of the bad shot and then immediately picture the result that you do want.

LAST: WORK ON THE MENTAL GAME OF BOWLING.  To learn more about how to use the mental game of bowling to your advantage. GO TO MY HOME PAGE.