Several times a year I get an email from the parent of a USBC  youth BOWLER
asking if my mental toughness program is on  Mp3 and if it is appropriate for them.

The answer is an outstanding YES!  Youth are profoundly responsive to mental game training and they also benefit in other areas of their life outside of bowling because their confidence skyrockets plus they sleep better as a result of listening to this wonderful hypnosis program.

Every parent knows that one of the biggest challenges with "youth bowlers" is that ( especially in competition)

1) They have a hard time staying focused and are very easily distracted by everything going on at the lanes.

2) Youth bowlers tend to make stupid mistakes and get frustrated easily.

3) Their confidence can erode very quickly.

Most parents of bowlers or any athlete for that matter think that if they just tell or shout to their bowler  to "toughen up and focus"  a million times  that somehow they will.
Trust me they won't. They will only become frustrated and upset.

Mental Toughness will help with focus and confidence. It works almost like a magic pill both with bowling and in school and in your youth bowlers social life.

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